Double Column CNC Surface Grinding Machine

Double Column CNC Surface Grinder Technical Specification

Specification / Models Unit Double Column CNC Surface Grinding Machine
General Capacity C2X4080 C2X6080 C2X60100 C2X60120 C2X80200
Grinding surface of table mm 1000X2000 1500X2000 1500X2500 1500X3000 2000X5000
Max. travel (cross x Longitudinal) mm 1100X2200 1600X2200 1200X2700 1600X3200 2100X5200
Wheel bottom to table mm 600
(Verticle Head)
Spindle center height from table mm 850
Max. height from table top to bottom of standard wheel mm 500
Hydraulic Table speed m/min 5-25
Cross Movement
Clearance between the columns mm 1200    700   2200
Intermittent cross feed approx. (Electro-mechanical) mm 1-40
Continuous cross fee approx. (Electro-Mechanical) mm/min 3000
Hand feed per division mm 0.001
Between Column mm 1300 1800  18001800  2300
Vertical Movement
Rapid traverse approx mm 3000
Hand feed per division MPG mm 0.001
Grinding Wheel
Dimension (0.D. x W x I.D) mm 510x1 00x203
Spindle speed (50/60Hz) RPM 1000-1400
Spindle speed (50/60Hz)  
Horizontal head spindle motor KW /HP 15 / 20
Vertical head spindle motor KW /HP 7.5 /   10
Hydraulic motor KW /HP 15
CNC Specification
Crossfeed rapid feedrate(approx) mm/min 3000
Cross/Vertical infeed least input increment mm 0.001
Rapid vertical rate mm/min 3000